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Vans Releases Outdoor Boots

Footwear is the guilty pleasure for millions in North America, with billions being spent yearly on the latest fashion. Purchasing new footgear applies to multiple situations, such as meeting a new family member with your boyfriend or girlfriend. This extends to working cases in the cold, harsh conditions of the outdoors. However, finding the perfect brand that caters to every footwear situation possible has become challenging. That is until this year with the introduction of Vans outdoor boot series. Their brand credibility has enabled consumers to trust their newest product, which they claim is perfect for the worst winter weather or meeting the queen. Making that bold statement has prompted popularity on social media towards these upcoming products.

Subconsciously we don’t realize that one of the first things we take in about an individual’s visual aesthetic is their footwear. When thinking about it for a quick moment, you realize that upon meeting a new person, it’s one of the first things noticed. Vans claims that their footwear has become recognizable by the mass public in North America and that their upcoming boot series will continue that brand growth. This confirms that this corporation knows its presence on the market has begun to affect the minds of consumers. After conquering standard sneaker markets, Vans looks to develop its presence in the snow/winter boot sub-market. This challenge could potentially be difficult for Vans in 2020.

The Winter Boots

The Vans Corporation released two new models for the winter boots lineup, which is named the MTE Snow boot Collection. The first model is named the Standard V, with the second called the Standard Zip. Both are waterproofed, with warm insulation to assist consumers with the elemental conditions. These boots claim that snowboards won’t have any snow enter the boots when shredding down the hills of North America. This bold statement has been backed by various snowboarders in Canada, indicating that these models are the perfect footwear for the winter.

It should be noted that the Vans Corporation hasn’t released one iteration of both models, with numerous designs released throughout the last month. This creates a more appealing product that is continuously receiving a fresher look. Style only goes so far, with the actual internals providing incredible warmth. The zip version is recommended, with its capabilities to retain heat increased by 50%. It ensures that your feet won’t ever be cold, even in the harshest of conditions.