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BLM Protestors Refuse to Celebrate July 4th

Most Americans were seen disobeying social distancing protocols issued by the CDC, who have lost their governing powers amidst the Donald Trump Government. Individuals that wanted to celebrate their countries birth & 244th annual birthday were blockades across the nation by protestors. Thousands were seen throughout the United States protesting the significant level of Police Brutality in America. This brutality has continued throughout a pandemic that’s ravaging rural communities, with individual law enforcement units using COVID-19 & the Black Lives Matter Movement to enforce violent altercations onto these groups.

The celebration of freedom in America was remarked as hypocritical by protestors, indicating that the African Community hasn’t even been entirely free in the same manner to Caucasians. Rallies and Marches were seen in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington & New York. The extent of their protesting actions reached the campaign of President Donald Trump, who deterred the racist leader from reaching his destination by 60+ minutes. It’d take law enforcement pepper-spraying & arresting a large percentage of this protesting group to prevent the remainder of civilians deterring Trump from his rally.

Some praised the actions of these protestors, with those individuals standing beside the Black Lives Matter Movement. Others remarked that demonstrators displayed arrogance by blockading the President of America during July 4th.

The July 4th Speech from Donald Trump

Donald Trump used the 244th birthday of America to enact racist undertones to African America Populations. Trump remarked that Protests and Anti-Left Extremists would be stopped before his re-election. Sentiments from Donald were issued 24 hours after commissioning the “National Garden of America Heroes”, which will display statues of Slave Owners & Genocidal Leaders. Donald Trump would bolster that his actions are to save the history of America. Why negative aspects of American history must be highlighted wasn’t clarified by President Trump.

African American Activists remarked that July 4th (Independence Day) doesn’t hold any merits for their community. Sentiments historically noted that liberties didn’t provide to African Americans during the first July 4th and haven’t been over the last 244 years. Platforms like CNN & Fox News refused to highlight statements from African American Activists, creating headlines that centred around Trump & information that focused on his hatred.