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First Death Outside China for Coronavirus

The coronavirus is continuously spreading like wildfire during the dry season. It was confirmed today that a middle-aged man from the Philippines had passed away with the coronavirus. This marks the 1st known death from this disease outside the Democratic Republic of China. When it applies to Chinese Citizens, 359 have passed away, and more than 10 thousand have been infected. It’s prompted significant travel restrictions for Chinese nationals, with local law enforcement demanding that citizens remain indoors to limit the spread of infection.

It should be noted that this individual who passed away in the Philippines was from Wuhan, China. Considered the outbreak location for coronavirus, this man travelled to the Asian nation for business purposes. He was immediately restricted to a singular confined space in a Philippines hospital. Various antibiotics weren’t enough to provide this man with the strength to overcome the virus. Since the World Health Organization named the coronavirus a global epidemic, multiple countries like New Zealand and South Korea have restricted travelling to China. Shortly after the United States followed, with numerous other nations expected to complete similar travel restrictions.

International Outdoor Travel Restricted

The fast-paced nature of international travel is almost impossible for anybody to account. This was proven again when the Philippines had temporarily banned citizens from travelling from China, which extended to Chinese nationals not being allowed in the country either. However, this one middle-aged man who’s remaining unnamed, entered the Philippines before this action was put into place. It should be noted that compared to the Democratic State of Hong Kong, the Philippines has had minimal concerns. An entire union was formulated for health care concerns regarding coronavirus, with this group of individuals demanding that travelling restrictions be immediately made or that they’d refuse work going forward. This followed after multiple individuals in Hong Kong had been infected with the coronavirus. The total number for Hong Kong has exceeded fifteen, with most cases surrounding the elderly.

Fifteen thousand individuals worldwide have become infected because of the coronavirus, with remedies for this virus slowly coming. It’s known that a British Scientist is working twenty hours daily to create a vaccine. However, doctors in Thailand confirmed on Feb 2nd that they’d created conjunction of Anti-Virals to cure this infection. These Virals are typically used to cure HIV and the Flu. It should be noted that this combination of Anti-Virals has created immunity for a select woman. Her blood will be used to reproduce a vaccine for global distribution, under the control of the Thailand Health Office.