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Tourists Climb Brook Falls at Katmai National Park

The adventures everybody has in the outdoor wilderness can sometimes result in unsafe conditions. This was once again proven at Katmai National Park & Reserve, which is one of the most notable destinations in Alaska for locating brown bears. The Brooks Waterfall is one of the most predictable locations from these animals to traverse, with predatory fish like Salmon travelling upstream the Brooks. Tourists are provided with the right to view these brown bears via a platform. However, one individual determined that he’d walk through the high-flowing waterfall to get closer to these beats. Shockingly, this individual wasn’t injured by his actions but could’ve easily killed himself in front of hundreds of tourists. All his activities were recorded via an Explore.Org live stream, prompting for legal action to follow.

The Alaskan National Park Service issued out a statement to all-out tourists venturing to Brook Falls. It confirmed that an unnamed visitor entered the Brook Falls waters at 6:50 PM back on August 9th. Information wasn’t publicly provided until now because of a prolonged investigation. This followed after the individual was out-of-state, attending the waterfalls with two Alaskan residents. Those residents received unnamed federal charges for participating in these illegal actions, with both following their friend after he initially entered the waters. The national park service was informed of these actions after audiences on Explore.Org contacted Katmai National Park. Anybody that approaches a brown bear by 50ft in a national park can face severe federal charges, prompting prison sentences of up to twelve months.

The Head of Operations for Katmai expressed to reporters that visitors need to understand that these creatures are wild. That at any moment, their behaviour could change and attack tourists. It’s the very reason why we recommend tourists don’t go 250ft near any of the brown bears, which must be within a designated location. It’s anticipated that these individuals had drunk alcohol before participating in this illegal behaviour.

Students Surprised by Grizzly Bear

Brown bears usually are calm in their natural surroundings, which saved these three men. It’s similar to the behaviour of black bears, with students in Montana getting their surprise with these incredible creatures last week. One black bear entered the Bozeman High School, calmly patrolling the hallways. This creature travelled to the cafeteria and parking lot in search of food. Police were eventually called, where they dispersed this create without any harmful tactics.