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Kipchoge Wins & Becomes Second Fastest

Kipchoge has no equal, and he proved that he is the fastest by dominating London. As the most remarkable, the world-record holder went from Berlin to the London Marathon in 2019 to win yet another, this time it is his tenth. Eliud Kipchoge won ten consecutive titles and his second faster with a time of 2:02:37 is also his fourth title in London.

He is the first runner from Kenyan to win the marathon in London four times. Asked in an interview if he expected to win, he smiled and said neither he nor his rivals ever had a doubt. It is not his first time to dominate a race, it became the norm for the 34-year-old across the six past years, and bigger things are to come.

What makes Kipchoge stand out is not the fact that he continues to win, but how he wins it. He controls his running masterfully, his rhythm is perfect, and his pace makes even the best marathon runners in the world look ordinarily. If you could also compare it, it almost seems that everyone else is struggling, also straining to remain in his slipstream. His results don’t show how much he dominates the marathons, not even when the master teaches others a two-hour lesson.

Outdoor Training The Secret – Consistency

Kipchoge trains in ten sessions every week; he runs around 170 to 190 km every single week. He loves the outdoors and does not pay any attention to coaches believing athletes should train hard for two weeks and then have a week of lighter training. For him, it is uniformity that keeps his skill on top form. His body adapts, his mind adapts, and training should remain consistent.

Know Your Body, Know Your Limits

The most important thing to learn is the limits of your body; if you cross the threshold, you’re only overdoing it. He believes that your rest day is always another runners training day, and if you do decide to rest, you need to remove stress, it is the only way that rest means rest.

For the fastest man in the world, it is all about simplicity, forget all the gimmicks. Run long, run steady, then run slow and speed up your training at a faster pace. Focus listen to your body, forget all the gimmicks pay attention and be very aware of the effects of exercise. Set realistic yet specific goals, reach these and feel great.

Training should be necessary, it is you and nature, basic sessions are eighteen times, three hard minutes, one smooth minute, everyone can do it. You don’t need gadgets; you need to be one with your body, listen to it, work with it and focus on the effect of every training session. Train outdoor became one with nature; it’s you and your body that reaches goals together and enjoys victory together.