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Kenya Lays Down the Betting & Gambling Rules & Outdoor Gambling Advertising is Banned

The gambling operators in Kenya is facing a new set of strict rules and limitations when it comes to promoting their products. With the latest move by the government, it is clear that all casinos are facing a much tighter grip and that the sector is under control.

Kenya Betting Control Board Rules Prevents Gambling Disorder

On Thursday, the 2nd of May 2019, Kenya’s Betting Licensing and Betting Control board outlined details regarding the dramatic changes in the gambling arena. The new regulatory rules are geared towards decontaminating the gaming and betting industry. At the same time, the chances are also made to ensure that gambling in the country does not transform into a source of chaos and disorder.

Cyrus Maing, the betting control licensing board chairman and Liti Wambua the CEO, presented this year’s report on gaming and betting in Kenya to Fred Matiang’ I the internal security cabinet secretary in Nairobi. Some of the regulation include the BCBL’s plans to drastically limit licensees when it comes to the advertising and marketing of their products. The new rules change the way gambling in the country is marketed, whether operators use billboards, traditional broadcast outlets or even social media.

Outdoor Gambling Advertising is a Thing of the Past & No Gambling Marketing on Television After 6 am or Before 10 pm According to New Regulations.

Liti Wambua, the acting director of BLCB, revealed last Thursday that gambling advertisements are not allowed on television after 06:00 in the morning or before 22:00. No formal announcement was made regarding the signage fitted to the outside doors or on the windows of betting shops. But in general, all outdoor advertising is completely banned. Gambling operators are also prevented from utilizing social media platforms to promote or advertise products; at the same time, they can no longer employ celebrities to song their brand praises.

Be it print or broadcast all adds with a gambling nature will be required to stand off a minimum of one-third of the ad space to a message containing a warning regarding gambling addiction or the potential downside of gambling. All advertising will need to be first submitted to the BCLB and once it complies with all the restrictions and new rules it can be used. Betting firms and investors have until the 30th of June 2019 to make changes to comply with the new regulations and to meet their tax obligations.

2018 Survey Reveals Kenya has the Highest Number of Youths

According to the 2018 GeoPoll survey, the highest number of youths in Saharan Africa is in Kenya, and at least 76% participate in gambling activities. With the stricter stance towards gambling, the country makes life a bit more difficult for local bettors. The turnover of the gaming industry has massively increased from the 2 billion shillings equal to $19 million across the past five years. It is now worth 200 billion shillings equivalent to $199 million and offers employment to more than 5,000 individuals.