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Leeds Casino Receives Permission to Offer Outdoor Gambling

It was a fantastic day for Leeds Casino when they finally received the approval of the extension planned to the Grosvenor Casinos. The license extension to offer outdoor gambling allow the installation of machines to be installed in the outdoor section of the Leeds Casino. Currently, the outdoor section is also the area where smoking is permitted, the favourable decision from the UKGC comes despite the local councillor’s strong opposition.

No Partitioning Separating Smoking Area

The sub-committee of the council’s licensing met earlier in the week, and the application of the Grosvenor Casino was on the list of discussions. The extension of the gambling facilities to the ground floor now offering shelter to smokers is where the expansion in gambling options will take place.

Extension Puts Problem Gamblers at Great Risk

The main reason why Karen Bruce, the local councillor objected to the extension is that it could put problem gamblers at higher risk. Bruce believes that outdoor gambling activity could affect individuals seeking to cool off by leaving the building.

Councillor Neil Buckley recently visited the casino, and the main reason was to familiarise himself with the facility and its settings. At the casino, there would be no partition that separates the unlicensed smoking area from the licences gambling area. At the moment the casino plans to add only four machines in the outside area. At the start, only two machines will be placed in the outdoor space, although it could be increased to four at a later stage.

Outdoor Gambling in Leeds Get the Green Light

The representative of the casino owners, Paddy Whur also attended the meeting and named many districts that offer outdoor gambling via extensions. Some of the casinos that provide outdoor gaming in the smoking areas had to license the entire outdoor space. At the moment the Grosvenor Casino in Leeds would like to keep the non-licensed area, allowing people to smoke if they want, even when they’re not in a licensed gambling area. Currently, the responsible authorities have not had any concerns with the suggestion or application made, according to Whur.

Bruce Feels Outdoor Area Could Have a Negative Impact

The residents in Leeds have not raised concerns regarding the extension of gambling options to the outdoor smoking area. Bruce still has a few issues and feels that the proposal could present problems in future. The main concern is that it limits an individual’s ability to escape to the smoking area from gambling. She also feels that the outdoor area could have knock-off effects in areas such as crime as well as a negative impact on families and young children.

Despite some of the valid concerns of Bruce, the remainder of council members voted against her, and the Grosvenor Casino was granted their request for outdoor gambling. Still, everyone has the right to form their own opinion regarding outdoor gambling.