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Outdoor Sports Bars Perfect Way to Watch Your Favourite Team

There is no need to be a complete sports junkie to enjoy outdoor sports screening, it is perfect for both sports fans and outdoor enthusiast. London outdoor sports screening is hugely popular during the summer months. This is when thousands gather to watch major soccer events or the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. The outdoor screen draws the crowd and it is simply an unbeatable atmosphere, where you pull a deck chair up, order a beer or a glass of while and cheer along.

Rooftop Cheering for Your Team at a Hidden Alfresco Garden

Regardless if it is rooftop cheering on rooftops in the heart of London or a hidden alfresco garden you prefer, the heart of London offers it all. The Pergola Paddington Central allows visitors a view of the sky past its vine-tangled terrace and it offers a magical atmosphere during Wimbledon. The Pergola offers more than 850 seats, two bars, four restaurants and seven day-beds.

Impossible to Beat the Pergola’s Balearic Coast High Summer Theme

With a sensational summer, Balearic cost theme the owners of the Pergola created a sunnily alfresco garden venue by removing the roof of the top deck. At the same time, they raised the roof of the downstairs area and can now accommodate over 850 visitors. This space is remarkable and the venue brilliant for drinking, eating and enjoying the sport in a merry environment. On weekends a DJ ensures great music and the day beds can be booked as it is the most comfortable way to enjoy your summer cocktails until it’s time for the bottomless brunch available on Sundays.

Merchant Square’s Big Outdoor Screen

If you dream of a party on the lawn while meeting up with hundreds of sports fans to cheer for your team, Merchant Square is the place you want to be. An oversized TV screen offers a great view of major sports events and seating is offered via reclining chairs. Epicurean Events offers street food and drinks.

Granary Square with A Big Mean Sports Screen

The big sports screen moves to Granary Square from Leis Cubitt for the Championships were faux-grass offers a pretty garden atmosphere. Huge crowds gather to enjoy bottles or plastic flutes of Waitrose prosecco. It pays to be early, as the first 50 to arrive scores a free deckchair. Cooling off is easy at Granary Square as there are 1,080 choreographed fountains that offer a breath-taking display. The water spouting fountains is also a great way for the kids to play while parents watch their favourite sport in a magical environment. The square is also home to several other attraction including the House of Illustration, a gallery dedicated to promoting and celebrating the art of illustration. London is packed with oversized screens to ensure everyone gets to enjoy major events in the best possible way. One of the greatest licensed sports bars is in Flat Iron Square where events include everything from World Cup games to Wimbledon.