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Protect Your Smartphone When in the Outdoors

We live in an age where smartphones became an extension of our bodies. They are no longer a luxury, but much more of a necessity. They are sophisticated devices, and they are fragile. This is a fact that everyone who has ever been involved in outdoor activities can testify to. Hence when stepping into the wild to get close to nature, absolute care needs to be taken to protect them from all the elements which might kill them in the end. The following are some great covers to protect these delicate devices which we have become so attached to. You do not want to end up missing an all-important sportsbetting option due to phone damage.

The Otterbox Defender

For years this series has been at the top of the list of outdoor enthusiasts. With a foam-lined inner, they are brilliant for absorbing impact when your device meets the ground. In combination with that, the synthetic rubber on the outer cover offers great grip and is a brilliant dust and dirt protector. This series has also taken great care in protecting lenses which often goes uncovered on regular protective casings. These are performing great in a number of challenging scenarios from thermal shock to UV exposure and humidity.

UAG Monarch

This very rugged case is reinforced with metal alloy and has a bit of leather on the outer case for style and grip. The grip is furthermore improved with honeycomb traction and the oversized buttons assist with easy camera work. The core has been designed to absorb impact, and its success rate is measured at twice the requirement of military standards. The case is available for a number of smartphone brands, including the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone.

Pelican Shield

Pelican Shield shields your phone from impact with five layers of protection, an inner core built for shock-absorption, a raised lip to protect the screen and reinforced corners. Each of the ports has been designed to shield your device from dust and dirt while still being easily accessible. The manufacturer also made use of advanced materials like carbon fibre from Dupont Kevlar, thermoplastic elastomers and polycarbonate. A belt clip and holster, which are included, serve as a kickstand for hand-free viewing while on a break or for taking pics with a timer.

Casetify Impact

All of the above mentioned is great for protection, but ordinarily, these kinds of cases don’t regard fashion and style of any importance almost ever. Casetify Impact is different, though. These cases deliver great protection for your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy and is made of thermoplastic polyurethane. These clear cases come in a great variety of prints from rainbows and flowers to flamingos. Even though they are lightweight and not rugged in appearance, they do have a two-layer construction. This consists of “qitech” material which delivers on double military standards in shock protection.

Speck Presidio Grip

This case has dual layers of Impactium cushioning to protect your phone from drops as high as 13 feet. Raised rubber edges and a no-slip grip on the outer casing protects your phone. Available for a variety of brands in smartphones and delivering on a lifetime guarantee.