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The Best Paragliding Locations

Is your thirst for adrenaline getting the final say in your life choices? Then it is time for a fun and adrenaline-filled time out. Paragliding is an excellent way of getting the best of both worlds. Not only do you get the opportunity to fly like a bird, but also to explore beautiful landscapes from the best perspective ever. Here are some of the best paragliding sites which the world has to offer.

Hautes Alpes in France

Who doesn’t want to fly in the Alps? The most significant mountain range in the world brings adrenaline junkies this magnificent opportunity to get trained at the local paragliding school. The school caters for both beginners and young fans. During the winter months this region is known as a ski-resort, but when the summer sun shines through it is one of the most loved paragliding spots in the world.

Ölüdeniz, Fethiye Situated in Turkey

When taking off from Mount Babadag in Southern Turkey, paragliders are met with the most magnificent views of blue lagoons, white sandy beaches and much greenery. This holiday destination has many peaks to depart from. Some are about 2000 meters high, and others even higher. The region is known for great weather all year round, and hence visitors are welcome whenever they need to be up in the air.

Julian Alps, Tolmin and Bohinj Regions, Slovenia

A destination not known to many is Slovenia. The country has countless locations where paragliders can take flight from. Not only do they have an abundance of magnificent sights, but many agencies are available to choose from, to book an experienced guide as well as your transport and accommodation for the entire excursion.

Danyang in South Korea

Take the journey of a mere two and a half hours driving from Seoul, and you will find the trendy tourist destination, Danyang. This is absolute heaven for paragliders with breathtaking natural scenery. Paragliders have a choice between runways. The one is on Mt Dusan and the other on Mt. Yangbangsan. Gliding from either site will take your bird’s eye perspective over many brilliant valleys and mountains. This is another all-year-round destination, so there is no reason to wait to book your space in paragliders delight.

Castelluccio in Umbria, Italy

Castelluccio is a village situated at 1 452 meters above sea level, thus making it the highest situated town in the Apennines. The colourful valleys surrounding this village are painted during springtime in the most vibrant colours from the fields of flowers which started to bloom. The town is also home to two schools which are offering training in both paragliding as well as hang gliding. The scenery truly delivers a magnificent flight over a gorgeous region. Even though this destination is open all year round, it is beneficial to go during spring or summer to experience the abundance in colour.