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Stay Warm Even When It is Crazy Cold

Winter is slowly creeping up to the northern hemisphere, and it is bound to get crazy cold soon enough. This is, however, no reason to stay indoors while your heart longs to be outside. Take the necessary precautions, and with a few simple steps, you can combat the cold. Keeping your feet warm is vital when taking a walk around the block or setting off into the wild for a mild excursion. Hypothermia is bound to target your hands and feet and thus your fingers and toes first. Strong and sturdy shoes that are insulated will keep your feet warm and prevent slipping on slick surfaces. Wear socks that are comfortable and keep your feet warm.

Check the Weather Before You Go

Just as important as checking up on the weather reports before leaving the house knows what is intended with the different terms used to be sure that you have adequately prepared for what is lying ahead. Sleet refers to rain which has turned into ice pellets just before hitting the earth. Not only is it slippery in itself, but it also tends to freeze the roads and other surfaces and makes that more slippery too.

Freezing rain indicates that the storm will freeze even before hitting the ground. This creates a layer of ice on the roads and walkways, but also on power lines and trees. Frost/Freeze warning indicates that temperatures will drop below the freezing point. Blizzard warning is reporting wind gusts of 35 miles per hour and falling or blowing snow which radically reduces visibility to below a quarter-mile. Before you set off on your journey, check the conditions of the roads which you plan to travel on. You will be able to determine the conditions on the streets through many online snowplough trackers.

Fire Safety & No Alcohol

When out in the wild in the cold, a crackling fire is a brilliant way to warm up at and cook some food, yet you need always to remain fire conscious. Before falling asleep, make sure that the fire is completely out. Before starting any fires as well, check what is underneath a snowed up surface since the snow will melt from the heat of the fire and the possibility exists that some dead leaves or even pine needles might be on the ground surface. First, clear the ground entirely before lighting your fire.

It is often said that alcohol helps to keep you warm, yet science has shown us that even though you might feel like you are warming up, your core temperature drops when consuming alcohol. This can be very dangerous while out in freezing temperatures. The drop in core temperature is due to liquor inhibiting some muscle reflexes, including your body’s ability to shiver, a reflex reaction from your body to increase your temperature.