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The Networking Event for Outdoor Sports Apparel Retailers

Corporate influencers network to formulate relationships that evoke millions in profits. Exhibitions that cater to these individuals have shutdown throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, forcing organizers behind these events to consider new methods for networking. It’s been announced by the Columbian Government Agency, ProColombia, that they’re hosting a virtual business networking exhibition. Details indicate that companies from Canada & the United States are participating, with digital attendees permitted to discuss what’s unfolded at ProColombia 2020 Expo. Industries that’ll be addressed include Agricultural, Chemicals, Apparel, and Manufacturing Goods.

Outward is focusing on the exporting & importing of outdoor sports apparel, a prominent industry discussed throughout this exposition. It’s known that professional athletes will promote their namesake behind products like outdoor tents, outdoor clothing, outdoor drinks, and outdoor snacks. Consumer goods associated with activities in the outdoors account for billions into the American economy. It’s estimated by the “Outdoor Industry Association” that $887 Billion is annually earned, with 7.6 Million jobs created before the Covid-19 pandemic.

Outdoor goods being offered from the 150 companies participating in this year’s event include the following:

  • Hydrating Beverages.
  • Outdoor Apparel.
  • Professional Sports Apparel.
  • Athletic Apparel.
  • Camping Tents.
  • Hiking Helmets.
  • Hiking Reflective Vests.
  • Gloves.
  • Fishing Rods.
  • Fishhooks.
  • Vitamins.
  • Sports Supplements.
  • First Aid Kits.
  • Camping Cooking Equipment.

Organizers behind the ProColombia 2020 Expo have defined that another industry being included is tourism. That’ll mark the first instance of tourism activities & products being offered to attendees. Colombian Government Officials have clarified their respective nation will be highly advertised, working towards convincing tourism agencies to offer exclusive packages with their outdoor & indoor resorts. The inclusion of this category is expected to increase attendance numbers for ProColombia by 23.9% compared to last year. Percentages will also grow following additional convenience with the virtual setting.

It should be mentioned that Colombia is creating a sustainable & reliable set of measures for the coronavirus. It’s expected that whenever tourism reopens for international visitors, a PCR-Covid Test with a negative result will be required. That’d be a similar protocol to most nations worldwide. Refusing to provide that document will prompt airport security into forcibly administering a coronavirus test.