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Setting the Bar High with the Appalachian Trail

As outdoor enthusiasts, we all set different benchmarks and goals for ourselves. The only challenge is not to set the bar too low. For the higher the bar and the stronger your commitment is to achieve it, the better your performance will be. Hence the satisfaction is at the end of the day. The Appalachian Trail is one of these high benchmarks. This one is genuinely considered as much more than just a trial. It is indeed an expedition into your inner being.

The Trail

The trail’s development stretches over a long time in history. From the early days when it started as a dream of Brenton MacKaye in 1921 to 1968 when the trail became protected as a national scenic trail, placed under federal protection. The trail stretches over 3 500 kilometres from the Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine. The trail is located on the eastern side of the United States.

It is so much more than just another trail. It is a part of history built by the perseverance of many. It is taking the hiker through adverse terrain, magnificent views, a brilliant array of wildlife and communities on your way. It is a pathway dedicated to protecting the nature that surrounds you and celebrating the labour of those who created it.

Various Hiking Options

For those who are keen on spending a day in nature, this trail is the perfect place to spend your hours. Day trail can be a great way to explore sections of the trail and have a lot of fun without a high fitness level. Another option which requires a bit more commitment is multi-day hiking.

This means that you will spend a night on the trail and cover a more extensive section. This option can be fun for especially those who are keen on getting a feeling for the path during preparation. Then the enormous challenge is the thru-hiking option.


This entails hiking the entire trail from the one end to the other. Often ending up in being a five to seven-month excursion and requires decent preparation. This option requires determining beforehand which way you want to go on your journey. Either northbound, southbound or an option referred to as Flip Flop. Flip Flop means that you start somewhere in the middle and then work towards a point. This choice will be weather dependent since not all areas are as easily accessible all year round.

Then once you have worked out your time plan, it is essential to set up your resupply points. The logistics of when you will be at specific supply points to have parcels of resupply sent there, can be complicated, yet is crucial for survival. This option is not only physically challenging, but it is also an exceptionally mentally challenging too. Therefore, mental preparation in advance is an absolute must. The satisfaction of completing this mammoth of a trail is an exhilarating experience which can’t be compared to anything else.